Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Red Rocks

We climbed this past weekend in Red Rocks, outside of Las Vegas. Great fun. I led a 5.7, which is a step up from what I usually lead. Here's me on lead.

I got a few centimeters of Side Impact finished, but Jacque and April drove off with my knitting on Sunday. I could have gotten a lot finished on the drive home, but instead had to content myself with tormenting one of my friends by fiddling with the radio. Oh well.

So far Side Impact is fun. I'm terrible at lace, even in small side panels, so it's slow going. I'm thinking of starting a second sweater in a chunkier yarn for that instant gratification.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


In spite of the very busy month I just had, or maybe because of it, I've been knitting a lot. Unfortunately, I tend to lose things when I'm stressed. So I was sure I had pictures of all the things I've knit since December. Alas, I do not.

I did make some great things, though. And I followed my New Year's Resolution quite well. It's not easy to break the habit of knitting for someone in particular. My thought process goes something like this: "What do I want to make? Maybe I should make that, it will fit so-and-so and they have a birthday coming up. Or maybe I should make this, since I've wanted to make it for a while. But it won't look good on anyone and I want to use wool." Obviously, I'm still considering what others can wear, but I'm also knitting things just for fun.

I just finished Quincy by Jared Flood. That guy is a genius. I used some wool I bought in Idaho this fall and it looks great. I had no recipients in mind when I knit this. It will be given away when the time comes.

Quincy was a much needed quick project after finishing a pair of Faux Bois Mittens. I'm crazy about faux bois right now, so these were great for that. I liked the colorwork and the twisted stitches, but I should remember that I knit stranded work tightly. The mittens are quite snug, even though I was got gauge on my swatch. I'm not crazy about the thumb, either. I think I prefer a gusset. The lack of a gusset makes these pull, which adds to the snugness. The technique also left holes where I picked up stitches (I should have picked up an extra stitch over the hole and then knit the extra stitch in on the next round). The pattern is very clever, though, and I'm happy I made them, even if I have to find someone with tiny hands to give them to. But that's not the point anymore, is it?

Otherwise this month I finished a cowl. This was a clever bit of cheating, since the only knitting I did was binding off. I had started a girl's dress using a Drops pattern five years ago. It dawned on me that the skirt, which was all I'd completed, could be turned into a cowl. It took a couple tries because I'd forgotten that I'd decreased some, so I had to rip out the bind off and a few rows to make it work. It's beautiful. I gave it away before I could take a picture.

I also knit some fingerless gloves out of the leftovers from Sarah's Caliometry. They've already been used to climb outside in January.

In December I decided to catalog and photograph my stash. In doing so, I rediscovered some yarns I had stored away. From that came a quick, garter stitch cowl out of R2 Braid.

Before that I made a Sag Snood/Cowl out of three strands of Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton. It was supposed to be for me, but I don't like how drapey the cotton is. I knew it was a risk, but I really wanted a big, chunky cowl. I might rip it out, I might decide I like it. I love the color at the very least.

My sweater project in December was a Shalom. Fabulous sweater. It took about a week to make. I gifted it to a friend at work. She wanted it a little longer, so I ripped back and added about an inch to the bottom. Top down sweaters are awesome. This was a two-person knit along with my friend Amber, which really helped me decide what to knit then. I'm glad I knit it. I made a few modifications to the sleeve and the yoke by shortening the ribbed sections by one repeat each and continuing the pattern onto the sleeve.

I also knit two hats. I gave both of them to Jen at Christmastime. The first was another Piper. It really is an amazing pattern that creates a beautiful hat.

While visiting Jen, I also made a Robin's Egg Blue Hat out of Ella Rae Latte. Oh, my, what soft and fuzzy yarn. I have some in a couple other colors that should be destined for something to wear around a neck, or maybe even mittens so the recipient could touch it all the time. I don't have a picture of that hat.

I think I ordered some buttons for Holly, but I can't find the receipt, so I'm not sure I really did. I did, however complete all the finishing. Now it just needs buttons.

Now I'm starting a Side Impact Sweater. I've had the pattern since I visited Artfibers in 2006 and the yarn for at least a year. It was a toss up with some other sweaters, but I think it's time I cracked down and made this one. I've liked it for so long and it will be perfect for Spring.

Oh, and the Gathering was great. See my last post for links to the cybercast and other media from the event. I skipped a Super Bowl party tonight so I could stay home and knit. It feels good to spend some time alone after hanging out with hundreds of people for a week straight.