Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Can you believe I've actually finished a project? Side Impact is complete and looks great!

Besides knitting, I've been enjoying my furlough days traveling or staying home, depending on the weekend. Furloughs definitely make going to work more difficult, though. I want vacation all the time!

Zion was great fun.

We hiked, saw my sister, got a tour of Best Friends, and nearly died in a whiteout through Dixie National Forest. What was I thinking, driving through 10,000 ft in April?

I started a pair of fingerless mitts while driving home, most of the knitting in the dark. I wanted to try smocking the 1x3 rib. I like them, but I need to work on my smocking.

Now I'm working on a Pasha, but I'm contemplating my next sweater. I think sweaters are what I feel like knitting these days. They definitely dominate my knitting fantasies. These top the current list: Laccaria, Audrey in Unst, Whisper Cardigan, or maybe a tank or short-sleeved sweater like Celandine, Camp Hoodie, or Love.