Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adventures Abound!

Life has taken a good turn lately. I've settled into being in Elko for another year, at least, and that's put my mind and heart at rest. No more soul-searching about where I need to be right now. I'm going to be here. Well, except when I'm traveling, which I seem to be doing much more of these past few weeks.

I went down to Lubbock and Alpine, Texas, at the end of February. It was a declaration of my commitment to Cowboy Poetry. I also got to know Alissa and Andy Hedges, Andy Wilkinson, and most of the members of Cowboy Celtic better. I discovered I really enjoy the way Andy Hedges sings, plus we made friends in each other, and I like that most. Visiting another Gathering was pretty interesting. I was on the fringes of the inside, which was a nice place to be. It was so great, in fact, that I'll be visiting the Dakota Cowboy Poetry Gathering over Memorial Day.

Besides that, I went to Sensory Illumination. I got to wear cyberlox. I want some. We did a little bit of climbing in Boise. Then I took an impulsive road trip to Portland with a new friend.

Trees and water. Oh, how I miss you both.

This weekend we're headed to Zion for some camping and hiking. We climbed last weekend, but there really hasn't been enough climbing.

Ah, but has there been any knitting, you ask? Of course! In fact, I've been knitting a lot. I started Side Impact on February 7 and I'm only just rounding the corner on the second sleeve, but it's lace and stockinette. I never promised to move quickly through the lace panels. In fact, I finally memorized the six-row, seventeen-stitch, lace pattern yesterday.

In between I've knit two cozies. The first wasn't for anything specific, just because someone joked about whether that was what I was knitting.

The second is an iPhone cozy, sort of for the same reason. Lesson learned: do not be flippant about knitting or you might end up with cozies.