Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year-end Recap

I haven't been blogging (for more than a year!) because I was beginning to feel like all I wrote about was what I'd just finished. We've got Ravelry for cataloging our finished objects now, so doing it here doesn't seem as necessary. However, I do like a good list, so here's my list of completed objects in 2015. Since I haven't blogged since August of last year, I'll also do a 2014 list.

1 baby sweater (the only sweater I completed this year!)
1 blanket
1 dishcloth
1 bag
1 sleep mask
1 headband
1 shawl
3 toys

2 pairs fingerless mitts
6 cowls
14 hats
32 completed projects

I also frogged one sweater and have one baby sweater on hold. Both of those were cases of making mistakes enough times that I needed a break from the project.

I guess it's safe to say I knit mostly hats this year. I didn't knit as much as I usually do, which is surprising since I've been laid off for six months. For 2016 I'd like to complete at least one adult-sized sweater.

Some other fun statistics for 2015:

  • Nearly half of these projects were knit using only one color (two projects were with variegated yarn). 
  • Two hats were knit with six or more colors. Both of them were by the same designer, both because I added additional colors to what the pattern specified. I also knit two hats using self-striping yarn paired with a white yarn, which could count as more than six colors.
  • 28 used fewer than 300 yards; 14 used fewer than 150.
  • Blue and white are tied for most frequently used color, though no single color was used most often for single-color projects.
  • Size 7 needles were used most, with nine projects. Only one project was knit on needles larger than a size 10.
  • I used worsted-weight yarn 15 times, fingering-weight nine times.
  • I finished the most projects in September (six) and none in June.
  • I learned brioche this year. I really enjoyed that and plan to use it more often.
  • I purchased 16 skeins of yarn this year and was gifted one.
  • I taught one friend how to knit and helped another move beyond the basic knit stitch.

1 child sweater
1 washcloth
1 pair of slippers
1 tie
2 baby sweaters
2 pairs fingerless mitts
3 toys
3 cowls
21 hats
1 each frogged or hibernating project
37 completed projects in 2014.