Wednesday, October 10, 2012


After nearly a year of absence from this blog, I am testing the waters to be sure I want to continue writing here.  I miss it greatly, but don't feel like I have much to say.

There has, however, been a lot of knitting.  Since Otto in October 2011, I have completed 51 projects and jettisoned three.  That's more than a knit a week!  I will post photos from a few of my favorites below.  Check them all out on my Ravelry page.

I guess a few other things have happened in the past year, too.  After four years and five Gatherings, I left the Western Folklife Center.  It was a personal decision that had many factors, including falling out of love with Elko itself.  Thankfully, we have good friends in Reno who are giving us shelter while we job and/or soul search.  Reno isn't where we want to be, but it is four hours closer.  I have some contract work that's keeping me afloat, but I think it's time to start concentrating on finding a job.  My soul is relatively settled.  That took awhile, actually.  I spent the first two months here bored and listless.  Now, I'm happy to sleep in, watch a couple hours of Charmed, work a little, job hunt a little, and knit like crazy.  Reno's a lot better than we thought it would be, too, so that helps (though how can a place call itself a city without an Anthropologie store?).  Our Netflix queues are full of old movies because we actually get to see a few interesting films when they are released.  I'm rambling--this is what happens when you have all the time in the world--so I'll post those projects now.  If this piques my desire to write about knitting, you'll hear from me soon.  I have also been posting photos (not knitting related, all taken on my iPhone) on Instagram as Everywhereknitting.  Have a look-see if you're interested.  I've missed you all.

Please check my Ravelry page for details.  If you can't access Ravelry (you should join), leave a message and I will tell you more than you every wanted to know. 

Until next time!