Saturday, December 05, 2009


Fall and winter are so busy for me anymore (with planning the largest and oldest cowboy poetry gathering and all), that I no longer have time to plan for the important things, like making flight arrangements for Christmas, or figuring out where I'll be for New Year's Eve. The busy-ness creeps up on me. All of a sudden I'm working late and skipping lunch and I don't know how that happened. I don't mind, though. My job is still interesting enough most of the time to keep me expending the energy it needs.

Knitting doesn't seem to be suffering right now, which is a surprise. I take that back. The amount of knitting I'm doing hasn't slowed down. In fact, I seem to be spending more time with the needles in my hands. What is suffering, are the knits themselves. I spent all that time loving the Holly Jacket, but now that I need to do the finishing touches (which include knitting), I can't get motivated to do it. I thought I was finished with the cozy shorts for Sandman, but I need to rip back and fix a leg.

Those shorts. How can I have the same number of stitches and end up with one leg wider than the other? The problem with the pattern is that it doesn't give stitch counts, so it's harder to keep track. I thought I had calculated everything correctly. I even had a friend try them on. The simple fact of the matter is that one leg is wider than the other. So the shorts have been sitting in my knitting basket, staring at me with contempt when I pick up the needles to make a sure-fire hat.

I was thinking that it was just garments, and that I should stick to accessories. I made two hats (stop what you're doing and make Piper now. It's awesome),

then I made a scarf,

then a Calorimetry.

But I'm risking a garment so I can have a very, very loose knit along with Amber. Amber's been knitting way longer than I have, and we've never had a chance to knit together, really, since we lived together before I learned how to knit. So I like the idea of a two-person knit along. It makes me feel connected to her. So we're both knitting Shalom. I've already made a mistake and had to rip back, but it's a fast knit so it wasn't heart breaking. I don't mind ripping back (except when I think the garment is complete--see above or, worse yet, Patti).

I've also made a New Year's resolution. I am going to avoid knitting for deadlines. These deadlines are always self-imposed and stressful. I am also going to avoid promising knits for anyone. That is also stressful. Instead. I'm going to knit what I want, how I want, and then decide who it's for. If I'm knitting for myself, I'm going to allow myself to take however long it takes. This way, I'll eliminate all the self-imposed stress and can enjoy the entire process. This starts now and is retroactive. Therefore, Sandman may not get his shorts while it's cold (though isn't it always cold in North Dakota?), and Aimee's cousin will never get his rattle. But someone else will get a great sweater in a couple weeks (or days, this thing moves fast!).

One more thing. I'm busy these days. I might not blog for a couple more months. Come to the Gathering if you need a fun festival in the depths of winter. I have an extra bedroom and plenty of floor space. I really recommend it. I know cowboy poetry doesn't sound like it could be as much fun as it really is, but trust me. It's a great time.