Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Adventure Continues

I've decided to stop trying to make Elko home. Without trees or water this landscape could never comfort me. However, I am going to continue to live here happily, for now. I'm going to think of this time period as a time for continuous adventure and simply enjoy myself.

I got a knitting-themed tattoo. A few people have asked if it's rope. That makes me sad. I think I'm going to have to do a little touch up on it, because I realized that the fold in the top isn't quite right. Otherwise, I love it.

I am going to Korea on Friday to visit Aimee, who is there on a Fulbright. I've been knitting furiously on a gift, until I reached this point:

I have to make eight panels and I'm not even finished with four. No way is this getting done. So it's going to rest while I'm overseas and I'll finish it as a thank you present when I return.

The most depressing thing to happen lately was discovering that I didn't knit the two fronts of Patti to the same length. It will be a relatively easy fix, but it's so heartbreaking that I'm going to leave it for a while, maybe until fall, and then fix it. Jen won't be able to wear it until then anyway.

Now that I'm not furiously knitting for Aimee, I have two projects with no deadlines to keep me occupied on my trip. I'm improvising a chalk bag for a friend, and I've started Pucker. I haven't done much, but I like the slinky nature of the Seduce. This should be fun.


Knitting Linguist said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who puts projects into time out sometimes before fixing them. Korea sounds like it will be a fabulous trip, and you've got some great knitting to keep you company on the way. Have fun!

TK said...

Thanks. I think time out is the perfect term for this project. It has not behaved well.

emily said...

How is it that I know someone cool enough to get a knitting tattoo?!? Lovely.

Carrie K said...

Time out is what happened to Mary Tudor. Well, no. She went to the Tower but that's because she's a Tudor.

Too terrible that Patty was uneven! Irritating.

I'm glad you've figured out your status in Elko - it can be discombobulating to want to feel like home but not actually feeling it.