Monday, April 04, 2011

In Like a Lion

It's been a rough couple of months. But let me back up to the giveaway. It was fantastic! I gave away everything but one pair of fingerless gloves that didn't photograph well. I even got a friendly knit monster in trade! Gerald R. Ford sits on the couch-bench with us, watching TV while I knit.

Even though it's been rough (99% of the hard times are at work), I've been busy and knitting like crazy. The first-ever Roller Derby Bout in Elko is on April 16. I made the roster! I'm sure I'll be a second or third-string blocker, but I'm excited to play. Practices take up some time, and the Sunday morning one is right in the middle of my weekend, so Brian and I have been staying in Elko. We made a quick run to Salt Lake so I could buy some things for my derby outfit. I bought eight pairs of tights to try out!

Some deadlines at work have changed so my April is going to be much busier than in years past. Add derby practice to that and I'm stuck here for a while. I haven't had a real break since Christmas. Brian and I are heading to San Francisco over Easter, for a friend's birthday. I'm trying to plan the early part of that week, too, so I can finally take a vacation. I need a rest. A serious, not-at-home, no-responsibilities kind of vacation is the only thing that is going to keep me sane.

Here are some knits I've finished since the giveaway (plus a couple that were finished before but not picture-ready).

Duck Feet for Julie's baby. Finished 1/18, sent much later.

Surtsey in Yellow for Donella's babies. Finished 2/9. Buttons made (by me!) and added later.

Surtsey in Green for Donella's babies. Finished 2/22. Buttons made (by me!) and added later.

Indian Summer. Finished 2/24. Button made (by me!) and added later.

Toorie. Finished 2/28. So cute.

Cassady. Finished 3/10. I made this to try the technique. It's clever.

Java Socks for Brian. Finished 3/16. The next pair of socks I make for Brian will be tighter, I promise. He wants more socks, so I'll be able to get it right.

Scallop Lace Hat. Finished 3/27. It looks better now that it's blocked.

I also knit a cover for one of my knee pads. but I didn't take a picture of it. It's just a black blob anyway. It was a two-hour knit last Saturday, 4/1. I may make another cover with a tighter knit, but probably not before the bout.

Full Moon Blanket WIP. This is an ongoing project since 3/17. I don't normally knit blankets, but I'm waiting for some yarn from Pickles, which is in Norway, so I can knit their Impress Dress for another baby (Annelise). I got distracted while at their site and cast on for this blanket. I'm sure I'll pick up another project in the meanwhile. Brian picked out some more Malabrigo Sock, which I used on the Java socks, for another pair of socks, and I just impulse-bought two full bags of yarn (twenty skeins for $45!). I'd like to start a sweater or vest. It's time for a full-sized garment.

So that's it. I'm tired. I'm working hard at derby. I'm burned out at work. Knitting is my salvation right now. Thank goodness for knitting.