Friday, October 15, 2010

October Woes

This is all I have to show for knitting in September.

I feel like I've been knitting a lot, but I guess not. I also knit a hat for Jen, which I sent off without giving it its moment in the spotlight. It was a pretty hat, though the cable sections seemed too difficult for the effect. If I were to knit it again, I'd check some pattern books about how to make leaves. I knitted on the I-cord, too, instead of sewing it on.

The first hat in the photo above is Marram. This is an example of when you should listen to your instincts. I had a feeling I should knit another repeat of the pattern, but I wanted to finish the hat, so I ignored myself. We were in San Francisco and I wanted to finish it so I could wear it on the chilly nights. I didn't even do that. Should have knit that repeat. It's an easy but interesting pattern, so I might knit it again. Most of it was knit during the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Fun.

The green hat took all of three episodes of whatever we were watching. Brian and I had been talking about the word "toboggan" to mean a ribbed hat. I guess they call them that in Virginia. I just call them hats. So I made him one from some Plymouth Alpaca Tweed that I got before we left San Francisco. We visited ImagiKnit and Bi-Rite Creamery, delaying our departure for rapture instead. We had the best ice-cream scooper, and I spent too much on yarn. Oh my. My two most favorite things within two blocks of each other. I love San Francisco.

I've started Goodale, but I only took one skein with me to Ketchum for the Trailing of the Sheep Festival. I'm not alternating skeins, so hopefully it will work out okay.

I spent way too much in Ketchum because Isabela's Needlepoint is closing. The sales weren't even that good, but I couldn't resist orange Misti Alpaca or orange Malabrigo. I'm a sucker.

October is especially busy at work, and we've made it even busier this year by having five public programs (all of which I'm responsible for running). On top of the extra work, we're still on our three-Mondays-a-month furloughs. Getting things done is difficult.

The shining light is that the Indian restaurant reopened. At least I have delicious nourishment.