Friday, August 08, 2014


It's tempting to explain and excuse myself for this long absence.  The truth of it is, I haven't had much to say about knitting lately.  I have been contemplating a personal blog--there's so much on my mind about job hunting, living in a new place, trying to minimize my belongings (a very slow process), my body image--but I'm not sure what I have to say is interesting, or maybe it's too personal for a blog.

There has been knitting.  So much knitting.  I had hit a block for quite awhile, where I didn't even feel like adding to my queue.  Knitting had stalled.  And then I knit a Virgo Hat, after visiting Princess Animal and getting friendly suggestions from their staff.  It felt good to talk knitting and yarn with other knitters.  (I really should find a knitting group.)  Anyway, after that hat, I just wanted to knit and knit.  Perhaps it was because I knit much of it while on a short vacation in Big Sur.  Big Sur is a beautiful place that encourages revitalization.

Lately, I've knit three things from the same yarn.  I've started a fourth project with it, too.  It's not that I love the yarn, in fact, the teal color sheds and then tangles up on itself, which is maddening.  I do love the color combination, though, and it knits up nicely. Brian helped me pick it out to make a Chromaticity Cowl.

After knitting that, I still had a bunch of yarn left, so I made a Brushcreek Cowlette, which used less yarn than I'd expected. 

So, I knit a Hado Slouch, knowing it wouldn't use up a lot of the remaining yarn, but I was hoping for more of a dent in it!  I still have 40% or more of each skein.

The real purpose for knitting so many things from the same yarn is that I need more yarn for my Beekeeper's Quilt.  It's been stalled since February (and June of 2013 before that).  I intended this to be a project using up the remainders of yarn skeins, so 40% seems like too much to commit from a single skein, especially of a solid color.  I want a random assortment of colors for this project.  I am itching to work on it, since there hasn't been much progress for months and months.  Plus, it's the perfect project for our upcoming trip to Maui.

So, I'll keep on knitting with this yarn until it's gone. One way or another.