Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Things Have Changed

An update.  I moved to San Francisco in August.  I love it here, so far.  It is nice to be so close to the ocean again.  I can walk to one of the most beautiful beaches in the city, and I might see porpoises while I'm there!  I walk to work, which I love (the walk and the job).  All in all, this is a good time to be me.

There are some negatives, though.  I can't afford to fly to Michigan for the holidays.  It will be more than two years since I've seen some of my family and my oldest friend and her family.  The thought of this breaks my heart. 

Also, while I love my job, it isn't sustainable.  It's not quite at the same professional level that I feel I should be at, and the pay is too low to maintain life in the city.  Thank goodness Brian has a job that barely covers the astronomical rent (ours is low).

I guess those are the negatives.  It's winter now and the low will be 34 tonight.  We are determined to never use our radiator, and I usually have to open a window during the night.  I haven't acclimated to this weather yet, and still think it's pretty nice out (everyone else thinks it is cold out when the temperature dips below 60).  I love the fog, and because we live in the tallest building around (seven stories), we have a great view that is ethereal when the fog rolls in.

One more negative is the lack of yarn stores in San Francisco.  As far as I know, there are two in the city (another has recently closed its doors).  Two?  For 825,000 people?  I know there are amazing stores in Oakland that I haven't been able to visit, and I'm sure there are others in the Bay Area, but come on!  That said, I think Imagiknit has every yarn ever made, so it's not like we are lacking in actual yarn.

I taught a coworker how to knit, and she is a superstar already.  I had a freak out moment when we went to buy yarn, though, and couldn't do math.  So I made her buy more than she probably needs.  We all need to start a stash sometime, right?

I don't have any pictures to post because I've been lazy about taking them.  So I either don't have photographs of recent things or I have bad pictures.  Check my Ravelry page to see what I mean.

Blogging is going to be hit or miss for the next six months while I try to figure out my place in this new world.  Thanks for sticking with me.