Monday, May 09, 2011

May Flowers

I'm so glad it's Spring. The daffodils next to my front porch make me smile every day. I can't wait for the tulips. The flowers outside my door are later than the others in the courtyard, so we get to enjoy their beauty longer.

I invite all of you on Ravelry to look at my projects page. I have been knitting. In fact, I've been knitting a lot. I had to frog a sweater because my gauge swatch lied, so it looks like I've only knit a cowl and a pair of socks since March. I'm working on another cowl, the Madeline Tosh Honey Cowl. I'm using a slinkier yarn than called for, Arucania's Ruca, which is what I started the sweater with. It's pooling some, but I don't think it will matter when all is said and done. I don't have any photos, sadly. I've just been too busy and too preoccupied to keep up.

Brian and I went to San Francisco, and now the city is on our minds. I noticed so many wooly cowls in San Francisco. I'll post photos soon, probably after Honey is finished. Oh, and the next bout is on May 21. Let me know if you need tickets. I'll try to get Brian to take pictures this time! We're both so bad at remembering the camera!