Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Changing the Rules

The beauty of making rules for yourself is that you have the power to alter them at will. I have cast on and ripped--after only one or two rows--for the tank in Adorable Knits three, count 'em, three times. So forget it. I'm not making it. I felt like I had to knit something for Joseph since I'd made so much for the new baby. I am not enamoured with the tank anyway. I just wanted something simple. I guess it's more difficult than I thought. 3x2 rib is not for me.

What to do about my rules, then? I said I wasn't going to buy new yarn until I finished all the things for the baby. I was including the tank in that, since it's going to the same family. I'm simply going to change the rules. Again. I have enough yarn for three more planned projects: the nightie, a blanket, and Cherry. I am going to try to use all of it before I buy more, but my rule is going to be that I have to make at least one more and another felted bowl (since I told Jen I'd send it to her). If I'm diligent I'll use the rest, too. If not, well, at least I'll have followed the rules.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I worked on the felted bowl last night. I finished the knitting and felted it some. I decided to add some towels and such (two birds with one stone and all), but I think there was too much in the machine. The bowl didn't agitate enough, is my guess. So I've got it in the washing machine alone as I type. I also used a smaller needle than the pattern suggested (15. I used 10.5, which is the recommended size for the Lamb's Pride Bulky--I don't own any circulars or dpns in 15), so I think it may already be too tight for felting. We'll see in 12 minutes. I'll take pictures tomorrow in the sunlight.

Basically, this pattern is the same as for making a hat, only you felt it and use it crown-side down. Maybe I'll send it to Jen, since she suggested I make it next. I hope she's got room for a red, felted bowl.

Monday, June 26, 2006


On Sunday, Sarah (my sis) and I went up to visit Jen and family. I delivered a number of knitted items: baby bolero, petal bib, hat, booties, Anouk, and the cat. Joseph seemed to like the cat, and took to calling it Jacko, which is what I often call my cat, Jack. As I've said before, Joseph knows the word for yarn (he's so smart!). When Joseph woke from his nap, and could finally speak past the grogginess, one of the first things he said was "yarn" because I was fixing some ends I forgot to weave in--oops. All things were well received, and Sarah took some pictures of the booties and Anouk. I'll post them once she sends them to me.

So what's next? I have a few things planned:
Felted bowl from One Skein
Nightie from Mason-Dixon Knitting possibly for me
Baby blanket (for a different pregnant friend) out of Brooks Farm Four Play
Tank top for Joseph from Adorable Knits for Tots
Bag for Jen, who I just found out loves bags
Cherry for me

I'm just not sure which to do first. I took the yarn for the felted bowl on my trip, but I didn't find time to cast on. I think I'm either going to start the baby blanket or the nightie. Or the felted bowl. I'm sticking to plan to restrain from buying yarn until all the new baby projects are complete. They are, but I was including Joseph's tank in that. I'm altering the rules to say two more planned projects. After I complete two more of the above projects, I can buy yarn. If the other projects aren't calling. My goal will be to complete all of those before I buy yarn. Yeah. Right.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


This is done. Actually, it's been done for a while. I made it with the leftover Classic Elite Premier from the petal bib. I ran out just before the decreases, so I used some stuff from my stash. (I'm sneaking this post in before a meeting at work, so I don't know the yarn off hand.) I hope the mohair isn't itchy for the new baby. The yarn is mostly nylon, so I think it's pretty soft. I can't tell, since mohair is always itchy to me.

I'm still working on Anouk. I've had some major gauge issues that I'll go into later. That, and I've knit a bunch without paying attention to the pattern then having to rip back inches. I still have to sew on the buttons and do the embroidery on the booties. Better get to it. I'm visiting Jen on Sunday.

It is very important to me to blog regularly. I get frustrated when the blogs I read don't have new posts in four days or less. I am sorry that I have not been able to live up to my own standard. Somehow, June has been an incredibly busy month. I haven't been home on the weekends and weeknights are full, too. Last night I taught a booties class to someone I really like and am glad to get to know better, so busy-ness is good. I just can't seem to find time to blog. I'm headed to Michigan this weekend for two graduation parties (at the same time in different places) and to visit with my sister. She and I are going to visit Jen and family on Sunday. I'll finally be able to give Joseph his cat. I hope he likes it. Anyway, it means I'm going to be a bad blogger for another week. Then I promise to write more regularly. I promise.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bits and Pieces

When does an activity become an obsession? This weekend is Alumni Weekend at my alma mater. I'm headed to Ohio, yee haw! I've got a ton to do before I go: laundry, cat care, kitchen cleaning. The very first thing I thought when I walked in the front door was "oh, I could do the entire front of Anouk tonight." NO! Must do laundry.

I did do laundry (though I have yet to fold it), and I did a little work (OT, that is). I did not knit the entire front of Anouk tonight. Only 22 rows so far, which is about 5 inches. I am finished with the back, though. Chances are I'll finish it before I pack tomorrow night. Then I'll have the pockets and tabs for the trip. Is intarsia suitable for plane rides? Hmm. That means I'll need an entirely new project for the plane ride back from Ohio. I always take so much yarn.

I also finished the booties during the WWKIP day gathering at Millenium Park. I went with Abby, who I know from Nina. We've been hanging together a lot lately. I've gotten to know Lynn and supertoki, too. It's interesting having friends who I know first from knitting. It is the obsession, right, so they know the most important thing about me. Our conversations have morphed from talk about knitting and topical things to deeply personal things. I know that any regular activity like this would have the same effect, but it feels so great that I have friendships formed around my favorite activity.

As a bonus, a picture of Oscar in the monster hat I knit for his birthday a couple months ago. I hung out with him and his mom and Aimee yesterday. Fun.

Monday, June 12, 2006


I've had some computer freak-out. I'll post soon. I haven't finished anything, so there isn't really anything to show just yet anyway. I'm two buttons and an X or so away from a pair of booties. I'm also working on Anouk. So far, so cute. More soon.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Promises, Promises

So what, so I have a problem. I have ordered yarn everyday since my last post. BUT. All of the yarn I purchased has intended projects. I ordered Rowan Glace for the baby booties that Jen wants (okay, so I bought three different colors to try). I ordered Classic Elite Premiere for Joseph's tank top, and Cascade Pima Tencel for Anouk. I also odered some wool silk for a baby blanket for the new girl. In order to get the discount from WEBS, I added a Lamb's Pride Bulky to make a felted bowl from One Skein.

Speaking of One Skein, I whipped up a petal bib last night. I used one of the Classic Elite Premiere skeins that I bought in Kentucky. It's cute. Obviously, it is for the new baby. I didn't have anything to work on while I waited for all the yarn I ordered. Oh, I mean anything for the baby. I've put a couple things for myself on the back burner for now.

On Sunday I finished the prototype for a class I hope to teach at The Needleshop. Next time around, I think I'll make the stockinette base a bit shorter, and widen the entire bag.

My new rule is that I cannot--will not--purchase any more yarn until I've made all of the baby things (for which I already have purchased yarn) as follows:
Baby Blanket (which is actually for another friend, if I can break my obsession with knitting for Jen's baby).
Tank for Joseph
Now if only the yarn would get here! I don't have a project for tonight. Whatever will I do?

Friday, June 02, 2006

One More Thing

I forgot to mention. My friend Jen is having a girl! I currently know 5 children under 2.5 years and they are ALL boys. I'm so excited. I've been waiting forever to knit Anouk. Hurrah! I'm also going to make the Baby Slippers from Adorable Knits for Tots at Jen's request. I think I may try to design a kimono sweater, too.

I made a rule for myself. I wasn't going to buy any more yarn until I used 1/3 of the yarn I've purchased in the last two months. But she's having a GIRL!!!!!

Too Hot

I sent these Cabled Footies off to my Babci (grandmother) tonight. She doesn't know they are coming. I could have given them to her in person in a few weeks*, but getting mail is so fun. Babci is living with my aunt now, so I'm sure she doesn't get as much mail as before. So these are especially for her.
The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in a daffodil yellow, I think they call it Sunshine. The color in the picture is too light, but the yarn is very pastel. I like the yarn very much, and the pattern was fun, easy and quick. If I knit these again, though, I'm going to seam the toe sooner. These are just a little to pointy for my tastes. They fit nice; the point disappears when they are on the feet.

In other news, my friend Aimee, who made the log, is selling some books at the Printer's Row Book Fair tomorrow. Check it out. She's also performing this weekend. I hope she will post the details in the comments, because I can't remember them.

Last night, my friend Tatiana surprised me with this lamp. She knows I love to decorate in red and saw it at Target on clearance. She's so thoughtful. It looks great on this table. Someday, I'll paint the wall and then it will look even better.

*Family reading this should not assume I am definitely coming home in a few weeks.