Sunday, May 21, 2006

In Praise of the Dishcloth

I finished the cat on Friday night. Looks just like Jack.
Because I'm in this knitting funk (though no longer an emotional funk), I don't have any projects in line. I just can't settle on anything. I've been fondling yarn, searching through books, browsing online patters. I have even started a few swatches, just to become bored three rows in. Besides a few things that are on hold, there is nothing on the needles right now. What's a girl to do?

Knit some dishcloths, of course.I finished this today. I have some Sugar 'n Cream that I bought ages ago on an impulse. Those Mason-Dixon knitters got it right. Knitting dischloths and washcloths are great projects. Especially when there's nothing interesting in the queue, or when there's nothing in the queue, I should say. Perfect.

Here's a picture of the other--the one I finished while my sister was visiting.

Back to browsing for patterns now. I hope something jumps out at me. I guess a girl can never have too many dishcloths, right?


aimee said...

omg!! you finished the cat after we walked seven miles??? wow. i'm impressed.

i feel the same way...i think of making a few board books, then don't, then maybe a few exposed bindings, or single sections, and i just don't want to do any of it. the nice thing about knitting is that it doesn't require GLUE. that always keeps me from wanting to bind books.

i still don't understand knitted dishcloths. are they for drying or washing?

supertoki said...