Monday, May 29, 2006

Vacation = Yarn

Last week I went to Kentucky for work. On my way to the Louisville airport, I stopped at Carma Creative Needlecraft. The yarn selection was okay--a bit too much novelty yarn for me, but a few nice things, too. They had a couple of cashmere yarns and a huge selection of pattern booklets. I went away three skeins of Classic Elite Premier richer.

After my brief trip to Kentucky, I headed to Brooklyn, New York to visit Dan over the holiday. What does one do in New York? Well, shop of course. On Friday we visited Purl in Soho. Very small store with a lot of great yarn and a lot of workers. I think the ratio was one worker per customer. I picked up some Euroflax Originals. The grey may be for the Mason-Dixon After Dark Nightie (or any number of patterns in that book. They seem to love that linen). The green was just calling to me. I'm not sure what it will be yet.

On Saturday, I visited Brooklyn General Store, which is just a few blocks from Dan's place. The store was nice, if not a bit dark. They had great yarns. They also had fabric, notions, and such, but I couldn't stop looking at and touching the yarn. If I lived in Brooklyn, I'm sure I'd become a regular. I picked up some Rowan Summer Tweed (maybe for a bag or a tank),

and a ball each of Rowan Cotton Glace, Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, and GGH Tajmahal. YUMMY!! The Tajmahal is so touchable. I plan on swatching them to decide whether or not to buy more. The silk may be destined to become a lacy shawl.

Finally, I finished a hand towel wash cloth thingy from some Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy I picked up from Loopy Yarns. I didn't have a plane project so I ran over there on Tuesday during lunch. I'm so last minute. I'd never been to Loopy Yarns before. The woman who rang up my yarn (I also bought some Suss Twisted in brown and pink) seemed to have knit a tank from everything.

Dan ended up being the recipient of the hand towel. He needed one in his bathroom. He liked his socks, by the way. They were too big, but he says they are perfect as house socks. Fine by me.

Finally, a picture of a jellyfish from the Aquarium at Coney Island. These jellyfish were my favorite part of one exhibit.

This is the view from the Wonder Wheel (we chose a swinging car). Thanks to Dan for all the pictures.


supertoki said...

wow sounds like a good vacation with plenty of yarn shopping!! can't wait to hear your nyc stories!

jennifer said...

Wonder Wheel? I feel dizzy just looking at the picture. But I'd like the jellyfish, that's for sure. They are always my favorite (I've never been to Coney Island though).

Can you wash the dishcloth?

TK said...

I've really been into using machine washable stuff lately, so yes, you can wash the discloth (all of them I've made lately). The hemp is supposed to get softer with use. So is the linen I bought. Both are pretty stiff to start.

The Wonder Wheel was built in 1916. It's supposedly the tallest ferris wheel. The swinging part is fun. The cars are on these tracks that make you slide forward as the wheel turns. Like a mini roller coaster for a brief minute. FUN! You only go around twice, though.

aimee said...

you did coney island! wow. but didn't go to habu? i TOTALLy had forgotten about purl...that was right in the hood where i used to work.