Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bits and Pieces

When does an activity become an obsession? This weekend is Alumni Weekend at my alma mater. I'm headed to Ohio, yee haw! I've got a ton to do before I go: laundry, cat care, kitchen cleaning. The very first thing I thought when I walked in the front door was "oh, I could do the entire front of Anouk tonight." NO! Must do laundry.

I did do laundry (though I have yet to fold it), and I did a little work (OT, that is). I did not knit the entire front of Anouk tonight. Only 22 rows so far, which is about 5 inches. I am finished with the back, though. Chances are I'll finish it before I pack tomorrow night. Then I'll have the pockets and tabs for the trip. Is intarsia suitable for plane rides? Hmm. That means I'll need an entirely new project for the plane ride back from Ohio. I always take so much yarn.

I also finished the booties during the WWKIP day gathering at Millenium Park. I went with Abby, who I know from Nina. We've been hanging together a lot lately. I've gotten to know Lynn and supertoki, too. It's interesting having friends who I know first from knitting. It is the obsession, right, so they know the most important thing about me. Our conversations have morphed from talk about knitting and topical things to deeply personal things. I know that any regular activity like this would have the same effect, but it feels so great that I have friendships formed around my favorite activity.

As a bonus, a picture of Oscar in the monster hat I knit for his birthday a couple months ago. I hung out with him and his mom and Aimee yesterday. Fun.

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supertoki said...

i love the pacifier and monster hot combo on Oscar! hilarious!

sorry i missed Millenium Park! I barely drink these days so I had a few beers on Friday and was pretty much wasteless on Saturday. What a waste of a good day!

have fun on your trip/reunion!