Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I worked on the felted bowl last night. I finished the knitting and felted it some. I decided to add some towels and such (two birds with one stone and all), but I think there was too much in the machine. The bowl didn't agitate enough, is my guess. So I've got it in the washing machine alone as I type. I also used a smaller needle than the pattern suggested (15. I used 10.5, which is the recommended size for the Lamb's Pride Bulky--I don't own any circulars or dpns in 15), so I think it may already be too tight for felting. We'll see in 12 minutes. I'll take pictures tomorrow in the sunlight.

Basically, this pattern is the same as for making a hat, only you felt it and use it crown-side down. Maybe I'll send it to Jen, since she suggested I make it next. I hope she's got room for a red, felted bowl.


jennifer said...

Who wouldn't have room for a red, felted bowl? Well, I guess if it's as large as the felted bag then we'd be in trouble.

TK said...

No kidding. If it were that big, you could use it as an addition to your house.

It's drying now. I'm not entirely happy with it, so you might get version #2.