Friday, June 02, 2006

Too Hot

I sent these Cabled Footies off to my Babci (grandmother) tonight. She doesn't know they are coming. I could have given them to her in person in a few weeks*, but getting mail is so fun. Babci is living with my aunt now, so I'm sure she doesn't get as much mail as before. So these are especially for her.
The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in a daffodil yellow, I think they call it Sunshine. The color in the picture is too light, but the yarn is very pastel. I like the yarn very much, and the pattern was fun, easy and quick. If I knit these again, though, I'm going to seam the toe sooner. These are just a little to pointy for my tastes. They fit nice; the point disappears when they are on the feet.

In other news, my friend Aimee, who made the log, is selling some books at the Printer's Row Book Fair tomorrow. Check it out. She's also performing this weekend. I hope she will post the details in the comments, because I can't remember them.

Last night, my friend Tatiana surprised me with this lamp. She knows I love to decorate in red and saw it at Target on clearance. She's so thoughtful. It looks great on this table. Someday, I'll paint the wall and then it will look even better.

*Family reading this should not assume I am definitely coming home in a few weeks.

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aimee said...

hahaaa. you're so sweet, being my little personal advertisement.

i am selling books and such on saturday (june 3) from 10 - 2pm, near the barnes and noble tent - we'll be somewhere on dearborn near harrison. look for the columbia college center for book & paper arts. you can come and make paper and take it home, too! and print a little as well.

i sell again on sunday (june 4), probably 2-6pm since i am performing at 12pm and possibly again at 2:30pm.