Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Promises, Promises

So what, so I have a problem. I have ordered yarn everyday since my last post. BUT. All of the yarn I purchased has intended projects. I ordered Rowan Glace for the baby booties that Jen wants (okay, so I bought three different colors to try). I ordered Classic Elite Premiere for Joseph's tank top, and Cascade Pima Tencel for Anouk. I also odered some wool silk for a baby blanket for the new girl. In order to get the discount from WEBS, I added a Lamb's Pride Bulky to make a felted bowl from One Skein.

Speaking of One Skein, I whipped up a petal bib last night. I used one of the Classic Elite Premiere skeins that I bought in Kentucky. It's cute. Obviously, it is for the new baby. I didn't have anything to work on while I waited for all the yarn I ordered. Oh, I mean anything for the baby. I've put a couple things for myself on the back burner for now.

On Sunday I finished the prototype for a class I hope to teach at The Needleshop. Next time around, I think I'll make the stockinette base a bit shorter, and widen the entire bag.

My new rule is that I cannot--will not--purchase any more yarn until I've made all of the baby things (for which I already have purchased yarn) as follows:
Baby Blanket (which is actually for another friend, if I can break my obsession with knitting for Jen's baby).
Tank for Joseph
Now if only the yarn would get here! I don't have a project for tonight. Whatever will I do?


jennifer said...

Wow. I feel guilty that I'm getting so much stuff!!! Who's the "other" new baby????? I didn't know there was another one!

The bag is really cute.

I can't wait to see little feet in those little shoes. I've wanted them before I even got pregnant.

TK said...

You're not getting the stuff, the baby is. Besides, you are my favorite adult to knit for. You and my sister. (Aimee comes in a very close second.)

The other pregnant mom is an old friend from college. I sort of promised a baby blanket. I want to knit it, of course, but now I'm so obsessed with your baby, that I don't know how I'll find time. She's not due until August, so I'll find it somewhere.