Sunday, February 12, 2006

Shattered Dreams

Nina was right. The needle broke in my bag. I don't know how it happened, just that when I pulled the work out of my bag, it was broken. Lantern Moon needles aren't cheap. Now it's going to take even longer to finish Aunt Chris's pillow. Hopefully, I'll finish before her birthday.

I just finished a hat that is destined for a new friend. I needed a short-term project and Chris liked the yarn, so much so, in fact, that he was trying to steal it. Perfect. I have a hard time knitting something without an intended recipient, and since I am still waiting for the yarn that my sister is sending, I can't work on Dan's mittens. I was working on the pillow, and bit by bit on the baby blanket, but the needles are too long to carry around. So a portable hat project was just the ticket. I'll show you a picture of the hat after I make and attach the pompon. I used OnLine Linie Montana, which looks a little too orange in the picture. It is actually brown and blue, with bits of green. It's nice, but the wool content hurts my fingers a little. I'm a bit allergic and anything with pure wool can start to feel like I'm knitting with glass-encrusted yarn. It's worth it to have a quick project that someone will (hopefully) appreciate.

Thanks to Dan for the pictures.


Anonymous said...

I personally think that Auntie Chris would think it is cool if you just work the broken needles into the pillow. Tell her "it's part of the design and an artful presence of what it took to make the damn pillow!!".

Rick, of course, would come up with some type of sarcastic comment that would give us all a laugh!!! ~ Sue B.

K.T. said...

Hi TK! I just found your blog and was fascinated by your name. We are the few, the proud the initialed ones. There is also another knitting kt at maybe we should start an initials webring. Anyhoo- just wanted to say hello and welcome to the gang!

t-crack said...

cool pix