Friday, March 31, 2006


I'm done with the socks! Pictures later. I'm also finished with Aunt Chris's pillow and I'll be finished with the fingerless gloves tonight. Pictures, pictures, pictures--this weekend, I promise. I still have to sew everything together. Here's my Saturday plan: sew and stuff pillow, sew and stuff cat, and begin new project.

I need something exciting and challenging and fun. I am going to scour my knitting books and other patterns; I am going to spread out all my stash yarn; and I am going to pick something perfect. I'm sure it can be done. Besides, how fun will it be to spread everything out?

I was thinking I'd adapt a pattern from the lasted IK to replicate this sweater:

But my gauge swatch shows that I'll have to use a finer gauge yarn. The gauge was the same as the IK sweater, but the side ribbing didn't quite work.

Perhaps I'll make the IK sweater with the 30 balls of yarn I purchased for this project. We'll see after I spread it all out.

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