Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So Much Knitting, So Little Time

First, let me apologize for being absent so long. I've had a lot going on. Andrew visited, I had a party, Jen and family visited, and I got a computer. This is the only computer I've ever owned, so I've been waiting to post until I could use it.

Second, I have a number of FOs, and a few pics to share. I finished Dan's hat:
When I work with 100% wool yarn, even merino from Italy, I get an indent in my finger.

I'm sensitive to animal fibers, but they make such beautiful knitted pieces. I'd be sad if I couldn't use wool and alpaca and angora (they don't skin the rabbits, right?) and all the others. They hold their shape so well and I hear they are very warm. It's another reason why I knit for others. If I only knit for myself, I wouldn't get to use beautiful yarns like Karabella Magritte and Magritte Bulky, anything by Blue Sky Alpacas whose cotton is great, anything by Misti Alpaca, and, oh, so many more.

I've also started and completed my first sock. I'll post pictures later. There are a couple of holes because I read the pattern too quickly. I think I'll be able to fix them before I give the socks to Jen. Dan saw how small the gauge is--9 stitches to an inch--and decided he'd let me knit socks for him, too. Great. Looks like I'm turning to a sock knitter whether I like it or not. We'll see how much I like it after another seven inches of 2 x 2 rib on size 1 addis.

I took a break from the sock to knit a striped hat with earflaps for Joseph while they were visiting. He looks great in the hat. I used some RYC Cashsoft Aran in blue and green from my stash. Joseph is 15 months and has a better vocabulary than some adults I know. He can't string together a sentence yet, but he knows the word for yarn. After looking under the bed for my cats, he went to my yarn basket and picked up some yarn. He handed it to me and said, "yarn." I'm so proud. He didn't like the yarn as much once it was in hat form. He sure looks adorable, though. Read about their visit here.


guh! said...

Hi Tam, you will inspire me yet to learn something more than straight knitting - to purl, maybe? It is amazing to me to think that I met you pre-knit, and shames me to see how little I've progressed in that time! Socks, for goodness sake!

aimee said...

omg!!! MORE socks??? deadly territory.

THANK GOD you finally posted. whew. i was getting worried that we'd never see you again in blog land.

also, why are you modeling the hat if it's dan's?

TK said...

I'm modeling the hat because Dan doesn't think he's photogenic. And he's better at taking pictures.

You can do an amazing amount with garter stitch. I don't think anyone should be shamed into learning to purl. Learn it because you'll be expanding your knowledge and learning something new. Once you know how to purl, you can make almost any stitch, which opens up many knitting doors.

carrie said...

Cute hat and even cuter picture of you!