Sunday, April 30, 2006

Frustration: Part Two

I am knitting along, happy that the sock is moving along quickly. I'm ready to begin the short row toe. I count the stitches. I have four extra stitches. WHAT? That's a half inch. Do I frog, again? One thing I'm not is a perfectionist.

I like things to work the way they are supposed to, and I have no problem fixing things. But I have my limits. Two days + size two needles + attempt number two = one limit.

I decided to decrease four before starting the toes, on the bottom of the foot. Dan measured his foot for me last week and got the measurement for the circumference I now have. The sock looks huge to me, but I guess I won't know until Dan tries it on. The question now is: Do I make the same mistakes on purpose the second time around? I just hope the second one goes as quickly.

1 comment:

aimee said...

omg. that's like my worst nightmare. i thought all of those making things too big/long mistakes were in the past for you!