Sunday, April 09, 2006

Here We Go Again

So. I've been knitting. I haven't been blogging. I have started two new projects: Clapotis (yes, I know I'm late joining that bandwagon) out of some Blue Heron yarn and the Somewhat Cowl out of All Seasons Cotton (Madil, not Rowan). The Blue Heron yarn isn't really suited to the project, but it was calling to me, saying "use me for Clapotis, Clapotis, Clapotis." So I listened. I like it, but I have a tendency to scrunch the yarn onto my 10 inch bryspun, which is making my hands hurt.

The Somewhat Cowl on the other hand . . . I love it. It is moving surprisingly fast. I think I'm becoming more comfortable on needles that are smaller than, say, seven than on those eight and up. I like the way the finer yarns knit up. There's a certain crispness to the fabric that appeals to me.

I still haven't done the cat or sewn up the pillow. It used to be that I didn't mind finishing. Now, it isn't so much that I mind except that it takes away from actual knitting time. I think this top-down sweater thing may be the way to go. Ask me again when I've completed it.

As soon as Dan moves some pictures from his camera to my computer, I'll post pictures.

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Dan said...

oh sure, blame me.
no pressure...

check your email. :)