Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Round and Round

This post marks the beginning of photo-less posts. Sure, I may post one or two taken with a camera phone, but they won't be as clear or snazzy as the pictures taken by Dan (he went to art school, you know).

Dan leaves today. I've taken the day off to help him load his Penske. I also thought being at work while Dan was packing up to leave, possibly forever, would not be a fun work day. I am trying really hard to avoid being sad until he's gone. He's so excited to go home to his family and to experience living in New York. Me, I love Chicago. I'm staying put.

Dan won't give me a picture of himself, or I'd post it. Check out photographs he's taken by following the link in the sidebar.

In knitting news, I've got about 18 inches of the Somewhat Cowl completed. It just goes 'round and 'round. The ribbing will be killer, I'm sure. In spite of that, though, I still love it. I want to knit myself into circles all the time. It's gotten too big to take on the el, so I'm going to have to start something new. Maybe the socks for Dan. I've been putting off starting his socks because I haven't decided on a pattern and I only have Addi Turbos.

While I was knitting on the bus the other day, the girl who was sitting in front of me moved to a seat across the aisle. I think the tinkling of the Addi Turbos was bugging her. It bugs me. I can't find circular needles I like. Scratch that--I don't own circular needles I like. The Bryspuns are good and sharp. I'd say I like them, but I've had two different pairs break while I was knitting with them. The needle detached from the cord. UGH! My LYS only carries Addis, Crystal Palace, and Clover, I think. Addis are too noisy and too blunt. And don't get me started on bamboo. I mean, the joins are bad, the tips are blunt, they are too grippy, and they feel splintery while I knit (I scrape the tip of my right needle against the left needle as I pull it through the stitch). If I can find some Lantern Moons, maybe I'll try those. The straights are pretty pointy and the wood is usually smooth.

For now, I'll just go 'round and 'round.


ilikeredbean said...

yay can't wait to see the finished somewhat cowl!! great seeing everyone last night and sorry to hear about dan moving to nyc. but you should visit soon, nyc has great yarn stores!!!!! - (elizabeth)

supertoki said...

ps here is my flickr page with FO pics. can you believe just a year ago you taught me how to knit?!