Saturday, September 23, 2006

Road Trip Hiatus

I am leaving this morning for a road trip to California! I've never been on a road trip where I've had to stay the night somewhere. We have no plans, except that we're aiming for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I'm going with the friend I taught to knit in August. We haven't kept in touch these last ten years, but he's moving to Cali and I've never been on a road trip. I figure, we used to build things in the middle of the night on no sleep without killing each other, we can drive in the middle of the night on no sleep without killing each other.

My plan is to knit him a washcloth for every state we go through (I have one already knit, just in case). I've written down some patterns so I don't have to lug a pattern book with me, and I have about ten balls of suitable cotton. I'm not good at keeping surprises secret, though. I get so excited. What if he says: "Who are those for?" I can't lie! I'll just change the subject.

We're off! I'll be back in October.


Carrie K said...

Road trips! And to California. We're a beautiful state but it's pretty dry right now, so lots of golden hills.

Have fun! If you're around SF drop me an email.

aimee said...

um, what if he just reads yr blog? hahaha!

i hope you're having fun! totally thinking of you.

Lynn said...

whoo hoo! Glad you're going, and I hope you enjoy the Grand Canyon. FUN! Maybe I'll be back at Nina's when you get back! I think my schedule is calming down now :)

guh! said...

A washcloth for every state! I started a day ahead of you, and I hope to have one cloth done by the time you return. Your purling remark totally cleared up my problem with purls, but I learned that I had several other problems, too. Fortunately they have been easier to figure out now that (I think) I am doing the mechanical part correctly. Even so, I have torn my first washcloth out five times already, and - after settling for a few mistakes - am now proceeding well. I have learned a lot -- including that I cannot count a pattern and watch a movie at the same time, and that I cannot put the project down to answer the phone in the middle of a row.