Monday, October 23, 2006


I've just spent five days in Milwaukee at the American Folklore Society's annual meeting. It's always so good to be around colleagues, peers, mentors, and those awe-inspiring, accomplished, respected folklorists I can only dream of knowing. I was lucky enough to meet a few more people (some who fall into the latter category above) and to spend time with others that I've known since I joined this field. Folklore, like knitting, makes me feel like me. I learn so much at these meetings.

An outcome of this meeting was inspiration to start on a project I've been thinking of for over a year now. I started this blog as a means to understand the knitting blogger community, and as the beginning of this research. It was my first step on this project, and now I need to move onto the second step. I don't have all the details formulated yet, but I plan to have a good research plan and interview questions within the week. At this point, I plan on using all of my research for a paper for the next AFS annual meeting (if I get to go to Qu├ębec City, that is). I now need some folks to interview.

If you have a knitting blog and are willing to answer some emailed questions, please leave a comment so I can contact you. I am also planning on asking some knitting bloggers that I read. If you have suggestions, or know someone who would be willling to answer some questions via email, let me know.

Now on to knitting.

I'm done with the first sock! I used a Turkish cast on. I love it and will try to use it whenever I can. The pattern was easy to memorize and execute. It was also fun enough to keep me interested. It was the only project I took with me to Milwaukee, even. I followed an Anna Bell pattern, but I've been working too tightly, as I mentioned in the last post. Notice how stretched it is on my foot. I promise the person these are going to that I will wash and block them.


sturdygirl said...

hi again - i would be glad to be a part of your project! you can email me through my blog. cheers -

guh! said...

Your socks are beautiful ~ I've seen Jen wearing hers and now (that I am finally purling like a charm and doing a beautiful job with washcloths!) sock knitting is my new fantasy!

Lynn said...

awww, look at jack getting himself in the photo! i want to hear about this Turkish cast-on...