Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just a Hat

I just spent the weekend with Jen and family. They celebrated Joseph's 2nd birthday. I know I've said it, but I just love that kid. He and I did a lot of playing, mostly with trucks. I got a little bit of Renée time in, too. She is so cute, and smiles all the time.

I didn't knit anything for Joseph, but I did whip up a hat for Renée. It fit her nicely. I also made a bee out of the black and yellow sock yarn I had in my stash. Jen and Tony seemed to like the stocking, which was still damp when I gave it to them. I don't know why it took so long to dry. I guess I'm going to make a second stocking. I think I'll use the same pattern for the sock, but chart my own cable pattern--one that doesn't use quite so many stitches in each cross over.

Tony's mom, Guh!, gave me a book and a skein of yarn. She said it was because I inspired her to purl and she's making washcloths now. I'm glad I could move someone onto the joy that is washcloth knitting, but it was awfully generous of her to thank me with a gift. The book is One Skein Wonders. There are a lot of hat and scarf patterns (the book boasts 101 patterns), but many of them are pretty cute. Jen was oohing over a lot of the hats and bags. I think both of those things may be in her future. Like, her Christmas future.


ilikeredbean said...

cute hat!!! love the pom pom. what yarn did you use?! gotta ask because i'm NOSEY.

TK said...

Sorry. Cashsoft Aran. It's so very soft and washable.

Carrie K said...

I should pick up that book, just for ideas for the odd balls left over.

TK said...

Odd Ball Knitting is good for that, too. One Skein Wonders has a lot of big projects (you know, using skeins with 350 yards or more), but some small ones, too. The nice thing is that the patterns are all submitted by yarn stores.

guh! said...

I ordered the book when I saw a pre-release blurb because I was counting on your not having something that supposedly just came out ~ and I hope it will be fun for you. I glanced at it but it all looked too hard for me. That's okay because I know my skills will improve and (now that I can purl!) I am in no big hurry. The biggest joy of knitting for me is the tension release, so I am not looking to make it too hard too soon! But I will be watching your blog for entries on things like How to Overcome Your Fear of Circular Needles . . . one of many hurdles I need to overcome before becoming a Real Knitter!
And you are so right about Joseph and Renée ~ love that kid, adore that sweet baby!

TK said...

I think you've just given me my next blog entry.

I miss both children the moment I close my car door. When I told Joseph I had to leave he said "No." So I stayed another hour. I'm a sucker.