Saturday, November 25, 2006

Three Bags Full

I just finished working on a neck-warmer out of the GGH Tajmahal. What a beautiful yarn! I can't find it in any online yarn shop, though, so I couldn't make a whole scarf ( has it, but they only sell it by the bag). I used the "split palm leaves" pattern from Stitchionary. Whoever I give this to will have a soft, cozy neck warmer. Makes me wish I could wear animal fibers.

I'm also working on another Christmas stocking. I'm using very simple cables on this one. I'm also simplifying the pattern. I'm just going to knit a tube for a while, then do a short row heel, then make the toe. Easy.

Along with the Christmas stocking, I'm working on ornaments. I have four finished and will make as many as I feel like. I'm not giving myself a deadline or predetermining an amount. It's a whenever project.

I'm itching to start something else. I'm waiting for some Artyarns Ultramerino 8 to make a scarf for Stef. He's the only one I'm making a specific present for. I'll probably make something for Joseph and Renée, too, if I have time.

I don't want to start anything else, so I can focus on these three things. Three seems to be my limit. If I have more than that going on, I get anxious. Of course, if I don't have three things going, I get anxious. There's so much yarn. I just want to touch it and create something from it.

It's hard to avoid starting something right now. I'm trying really hard to wait until I get the Ultramerino 8. Along with that, no patterns are jumping out at me. I keep pulling yarn out of the stash, fondling it a bit, then putting it back. Must wait for the Ultramerino.


guh! said...

Beautiful. You really do such BEAUTIFUL work!

Carrie K said...


Oh, start something. Keep me company with the 800 WIP's and not an FO in sight.

TK said...

I did. I started a robot. I have the front finished. But I also got some work done on the stocking. I just have to shape the toe and I'm done. Then I will have room for another project. Oh, but what?