Friday, March 09, 2007

Anger Like I've Never Felt Before

Does the USPS train its employees to be uncaring, unhelpful, and disinterested? I am so angry with them. All I wanted was the woman to walk the fifty feet to the Automated Postal thingamagig's box and crouch down to look inside. Would she? No. Why make a customer happy?

I made DG three pairs of fingerless gloves last week. Two were quick garter stitch squares made from ugly yarn (the blue pair) and not-fun-to-knit yarn (the black and white pair). One pair was made especially for DG from a nice wool tweed accented with a linen-wool blend. I ribbed these and made a thumb. I spent a full two days knitting this pair.

And then the post office goes and loses them. Perhaps it is my fault in the end for not checking the seal on the envelope, but please just help me out and check that they didn't fall behind the bin in the box. The gloves are brown. Maybe no one saw them. Maybe someone did see them and they are so good the mean postal worker kept them. Given the attitude at this post office, I wouldn't put it past them. Don't forget my Interweave issue, too. Do they have it out for me?

I'm trying to shake my anger so I can make another pair. I don't want to infuse the yarn with anger--I want DG to be happy. I don't have enough of the brown tweed left for two more pairs, I don't think, so I may have to improvise or alter the color scheme. I'd buy more, but the yarn was a mystery yarn from a friend's stash.

In other knitting news, I'm going to put aside the something for Jen and work on other projects for now. The something for Jen is no longer seasonally appropriate, and I keep messing up because I'm not giving it my full attention. Unlike her children, Jen is not going to grow out of this (oops, did I just let slip that it's a garment?), so I can work on it in between projects. What a relief.

I made two "feely hearts," inspired by Pegotty, for a friend who's having surgery soon. I hope they give him and his wife some small comfort. I'll show a picture soon, but I still have to sew them up (I knit them in a hotel room Wednesday night and hadn't taken along a needle). I used the softest yarn I had in my stash: a 50% cashmere, 50% yak by Rovings that I bought at Stitches Midwest. It really is luscious yarn. The label suggests using 4mm needles, but I used 3.5mm (size 4) and still had to double the yarn so it wasn't holey.

I got a contrast color for Joseph's sweater, so I can get back to working on that. It's cotton, so he'll still have time to wear it. Renée will be able to wear it eventually, too.

I am so tempted to drop everything to make Isabella from the new Knitty. I like the way the collar doesn't go all the way around the neck. The only yarn I have in my stash that would work is light blue, but I think I'm also drawn to that yellowy-green that would look horrible on me. Wait, did I just say me? That's right, I'm thinking of making it for myself. I may hole up this weekend and just knit. If only I'd done laundry last weekend.


aimee said...

WHAt/?? the envelope arrived w/nothing in it??? omg. it's breaking my heart. omg. too much. too much!!! i'm soooo sorry. i hope you're able to walk it off or something...and, yes, i do think they train the usps workers to be really mean.

Susan said...

Total suck! I'm sorry you have to knit the same project again, especially when a perfectly lovely completed project is floating around. I tend to think that the mail carrier is wearing them. I see our mailman reading people's magazines on his lunch break at the corner diner all the time.