Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The only good thing we found in Missoula (we finally found the downtown on our way out--after a horrible dinner).

Salmon Lake. We camped here. I was worried about bears, and we could hear some kind of cat off in those trees when we were setting up our tent.

Missouri River. We hiked in a nature preserve that had no hiking trails. We were warned to watch for rattlesnakes. Pretty walk, though.

Our friend's place in Wisconsin. He's done all the plumbing himself. I had a shower and it was great.

Dan cooking in the apron I made him. He also used the Nalgene cozy I made for him (inspired by this pattern via this blog, though I made up my own pattern) and he wore the shorts I made. He was all hand-knitted out. He said I could post the picture of him in just the shorts and apron, but I think I'll let you picture that for yourselves.


aimee said...

too pretty!! i loved getting the oral history and then seeing the pics. the rainbow is my favorite.

Lynn said...

hooray! you're back!! lets hang out :)

jennifer said...

Do I really have to picture the shorts?

Carrie K said...

Gorgeous scenery! Unemployment came at a really great time, as you said.

TK said...

Jen, I think Dan will model them for you if you ask.

My poor cats aren't as happy about this arrangement as I am. They don't like all this traveling. Too bad.