Thursday, August 02, 2007


Nothing like a February Sweater to make it through the hottest days of summer.

This is for a friend who is due in August. She's a knitter and will surely see my obvious mistakes. I'm hoping she understands that I'd already finished the sleeves--they were cumbersome but I got the lace right--and could not, would not go back and rip it all out. I hope she sees it as an improvement in my lace knitting skills. The bottom of the sweater is perfect. Except that I forgot to put in button holes, so this will only button at the top, along the garter section. I think it will be cute with the right buttons.

Bad lace section

Good lace section

By the way, I followed the advice at Brooklyn Tweed so my sweater was absolutely seamless. Now if I could only get my pictures to look as good as his.

I loved the yarn, O-Wool Balance. There were a few twigs and things, but they were easily picked out. I had about a foot of yarn left over from two skeins after weaving in the ends. I used a size 7 needle to get gauge, so the sweater was a quick knit. The Options needles were great for this, since they have pointy tips. Getting into those SSKs was a lot harder with the Addis I used for the sleeves.

I have one more skein of this yarn in purple. I may pick up another and see if I can't get the lace pattern right yet.


Lynn said...

ya know, you really can't tell when you look at the sweater as a whole. my scarf lace mistake is similar :( I just didn't want to start all over again, so I said, whatever. The rest will be correct! It looks lovely!

aimee said...

ooh! i love the COLOR.

SockPixie said...

This baby will be the luckiest baby!
What a lovely sweater.

Caroline, the SockPixie

Carrie said...

Beautiful work and the color is great.