Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pucker Up

I'm not enjoying posting just once a week. It's more enjoyable to blog every few days, even just twice a week. If I'm too busy to post during the week, I feel obligated then on the weekend, and that's just not as fun. Of course, I don't have time to knit, either, so there hasn't been anything to blog about.

That said, I've got two projects to post. First, a quick hat I made. Actually, it wasn't that quick. Friday night I stayed up until two o'clock trying to finish. I was having fun, but the need for sleep won out. I finished and blocked it yesterday. It usually takes me a few days to get around to blocking, which is why I haven't posted the second project, the baby blanket, until now.

The hat is Koolhaas from the Interweave Holiday issue. On all but the first and last time I knit the eighth row of the repeat, I did it incorrectly. It all worked fine, but I was confused at the end. Once I read the pattern it made sense. It's a little long because of that, but that means the brim can be rolled up. I used Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb from the stash. It's much softer after blocking.

I finished the baby blanket. I used the pi formula Elizabeth Zimmerman outlines. I didn't use eyelets but a kf&b because I didn't want holes. Once finished, the blanket puckered in the middle. The pucker and color made it look like that part of the mother's body the baby will gain nourishment from when she's first born. I guess that means it will be comforting to her? Or just taste fuzzy. Luckily, after blocking and stretching a little, it seems to be flat.
I was worried that I'd have to unpick the cast on to tighten the middle. Now I just have to find the post office to mail this off (yes, this means I still haven't mailed the Fair Isle hat, either).

On the needles now is a pair of mittens for my cousin. She asked for them, which I greatly appreciate. It's nice to knit something I know someone wants. I'm using Misti Alpaca Chunky for that. I bought two skeins and a multicolor hand paint skein for a hat, but it looks like the mittens will only take one skein. I might whip up a scarf with the multicolor and extra solid instead of a hat, or in addition to a hat if I have enough.

I'm headed to California for Thanksgiving. It will be one of very few Thanksgivings I haven't spent with family, but it will be nice to spend it with Dan. He said he would make a special batch of stuffing for me. I love stuffing. And pumpkin pie, which Dan doesn't like. I'm thinking I might insist on making a pumpkin pie so that my Thanksgiving will be perfect (my Aunt Chris's recipe is the best, ever. I can't imagine a Thanksgiving dinner without it). I'm nervous that I'll have to drive through snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I hear they close down I-80 if it snows. Cross your fingers that it doesn't snow between now and next week.

I took down the Elko Sky blog. If I can't keep up this blog, you bet I can't take and post pictures every day. The sky is still incredible, though. Come visit and see for yourself.


aimee said...

omg i want that pie recipe!!! i miss your baking a lot. cali for tday sounds great. you and cindy are the same in your love for stuffing; we'll be thinking of you back east as it does not snow out west. (see how i manifested the not snowing??)

Carrie K said...

The Bea Ellis hat and this one are really nice! I lurve hats.

Nice that the baby blanket blocked out. I'm about to rip back a dishcloth with the same problems. Grrr.

If you're in the SF area, drop me a line! Just nowhere near a shopping mall on Friday....