Sunday, December 16, 2007


I've been knitting some gifts. Part of the problem of living in Elko is that there's nowhere to shop. There is a nice kitchen store and a lot of places to buy cowboy hats, but I'm not spending that kind of money on anyone. I wasn't going to give gifts this year, since my ticket home costs about as much as a week's work, before taxes. I have to give to a few people, though. I'm way behind for Jen and family. Not that I must get gifts, but because I love knitting for them. My siblings get things, too. And that's it. I'd make something for Dan, but I'm simply out of time. He can get a knitted present in January, for helping with the Gathering. So here's the latest.

The Rib and Cable Scarf from One Skein. I was surprised how quickly this took. Usually, scarves bore me to tears. I was getting close at the end, but I like how it turned out so I guess it was worth it (speaking of scarves, I just got Knitting New Scarves and I love it. It might make me a scarf knitter yet).

Mittens using stash yarn and a basic pattern. You can see that I ran out of grey near the end. The different color thumbs were on purpose because there's a right and a left mitten, but not the black on the top of the hand. I hope they fit. I estimated the measurements and the person they are for has bigger hands than I.

By the way, I finished We Call Them Pirates. It was a bit small but stretched with blocking. I am not giving it to the person I made it for. It would have been too small and too itchy for her. I did give it away to someone I know here in Elko who looked fabulous in it. I forgot to take pictures, though.


Carrie K said...

I had to click on the picture to see the mittens at all. Silly cameras. They look cute! Fraternal mitts.

I'm getting scarily fond of mittens and scarves lately.

TK said...

Yeah, the picture's dark, but they are a secret, right?

I love mittens. They are so quick and I'm just crazy about the thumb gusset. I love making the thumb gusset. I also like the paired decreases on top. Love mittens.

Lynn said...

i like the mittens, too. It makes them unique to be slightly different :) I did not get much gift-knitting done... but, i can always start in January for next year!!!! ha. have a very Merry Christmas!!

Busy Little Bee said...

I, too, love knitting mittens! There's something charming about how quickly they knit up. I also love how they can be tried on as you knit along! I made a pair using a basic formula from The Big Book of Knitting and I got them to fit perfect by having him try them on every so often.

I look forward to getting One Skein! It's on my big list of books I'd like to get someday.