Monday, June 02, 2008


Here's what two seven-hour drives to Las Vegas will get you:

One finished pair of Fulbright Socks (I hope Aimee really is computer-free while she's at a residency in Maine because these were my secret project). I named them that because Aimee is leaving in a few weeks to spend a year in Korea. I'm saving my nickels so I can visit.

And the beginning of Something Red. This may be for me. I was going to make Flair, and bought a kit from kpixie a while ago, but now I'm looking for something with more shape. I need a brown cardigan, too. Living in Elko has made me gain a little weight (yes, it is Elko's fault), and lately I've picked sweaters that don't look the best on me (this only happens when I knit for myself. I can purchase a perfectly flattering sweater). Maybe Something Red will get more wear than other sweaters. If not, I'll pass it on to someone who will look good in it. I'm using the yarn from the kit, Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton, which I used on a sweater that did look good on me, except for the wonky button holes.

Right now, Something Red is my only project. We'll see how long it lasts. There's a sweater I want to make for a friend that's winking at me from the queue. I have the yarn, even.

I'm blocking Dollar and a Half now (that picture is before blocking). I hope to get some buttons soon. Maybe a finished sweater will entice my sister to visit. Of course, she lives in the desert (the desert desert, not the high desert like Elko), so she might not care about a sweater right now.

By the way, I was only in Vegas for about sixteen hours. I drove down on Saturday and returned yesterday. It was for work, but I did get to hang with Wylie and the Wild West and Paul Zarzyski.


Carrie K said...

Dollar and a Half looks good! And the socks. That's one way to pass the time driving to Vegas.

Someone on the Iambs and Tochees group at Ravelry was asking about Cowboy Poetry and I keep forgetting to ask you drop by and check it out.

Lynn said...

nice sock pattern! I should look for that one. I've been so busy recently... hard to get any knitting done! Glad you're still finding the time. We went to Vegas in January... I decided it's not the place for me. I'd rather be hiking in the desert/mountains surrounding it!

aimee said...

omg!!! i loved them! ! ! and i TRULY was offline and unable to see this post!! that is so great. you are the BEST. i will send photos soon. it's on the to do list, which now has about 4,000 items on it.