Saturday, May 30, 2009

Anxiety Sets In

I realized that I haven't posted about my trip to Korea. Well, it's going to wait a while longer, because I'm exhausted. I just wanted to get another post in before May was through.

My trip to Korea is one of the things weighing on my mind right now, though. I promised a pair of socks to Aimee's weaving teacher. I bought some Koigu and some needles from a very tidy shop in Seoul, but I haven't even taken the needles out of the package. Aimee leaves Korea in July, so I want to have them finished in time to send them before she's back stateside. I am also working on a gift that would be perfect for Aimee in Seoul, but probably not as useful in upstate New York. One of these days.

Trouble is, I don't want to work on those projects. I've picked up the umbrella here and there--now I'm a hair over half done--but the socks I barely even think about. Until it starts stressing me out anyway. I suppose I should power through Pucker so I can focus! I must sound like a broken record these days.

Instead of knitting I've been climbing. Here I am finishing off a heel hook on a 5.10 TR in Red Rock on Memorial Day. I didn't fall at all! Sandstone is awesome. I think learning to climb on slabby, flaky granite makes other rocks seem, dare I say it, easier.

I also had a visit from my sister and dog-niece. I miss Porter a lot. She's such a good dog. I spend all my dog time around puppies these days, so it was nice to have a mature, well-behaved dog around.


aimee said...

um, there is this wonderful agency that exists in korea AND the US called the post office! the last thing anyone wants is a forced gift. just do it on yr own time.

and esp mine! b/c i don't need anything extra to have to take back. at this point i'm in daily anxiety about how i'm going to get all my stuff home.

TK said...

I don't see how my gift to you will be appreciated if it gets there the day you leave anyway. The socks however seem like they would be more welcome if you dropped them off at a lesson. You are still meeting, right?

Knitting Linguist said...

Whew! That climbing photo gives me vertigo, but it sounds like a great day :)

aimee said...

yes, still meeting them. i don't think i'd be allowed to STOP meeting them unless i was getting on a plane to leave!

if FB confirms the flight, i'd be leaving july 9.

Carrie K said...

The climbing sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe this is the season to climb and the knitting season is still to come? It doesn't sound as if knitting is "grabbing" you right now and what's the point in doing it otherwise?

TK said...

Don't get me wrong. I think about knitting all the time. If I go to bed without having touched yarn, I feel like I've forgotten something. I get a couple stitches in most nights, and I carry it around with me just in case. I just don't have the couch time like I used to and it's hard to reconcile less knitting time with my desire to knit more often.