Sunday, December 05, 2010

FOs and WIPs

I've been thinking about the content of these posts. I'd like to get back to more thoughtful posts, rather than just lists of things. I think it says a lot about the priorities and the anxieties in my life since I moved to Elko. I'm busier than ever, but I'm also less contemplative. Except during my "crisis of faith" last year, I don't give much thought to my life and my circumstances. I don't take time out of my schedule to think, or to do things that are meaningful and thoughtful.

I've been on a hat kick lately. Hats and mitts. This rest of this post is yet another list of finished objects and works in progress.

I made this hat to go with the fingerless mitts. I also made a pair of very colorful fingerless mitts (with partial fingers, even. I hate fingers) for my sister to give to a friend. I forgot to take a picture before I sent them off.

I also forgot to take a picture of the washcloth I made for Brian's mom. Her birthday was the Monday after Thanksgiving, but we were in San Francisco. We did go up for Thanksgiving, though, which was nice. I finished the parts to Flo there. I haven't had the steam to seam yet, though. I'll probably have to redo one of the bodies, though, since I think I skipped a few rows on the second side.

I knit this on the way to and from San Francisco. I messed up the cables the first time they crossed. I dropped down and fixed them. Or so I thought. One of them is still messed up (on the side not shown in the photo). It was dark, and I was in the car. Oh, well. My fabric is a bit dense. I held two strands of RYC Cashsoft 4 Ply together. It will be a very warm hat.

I picked up a skein of Malabrigo Twist at ImagiKnit so I could finally finish these. I have mixed feelings about that yarn store. They have a great stuff, but it's a bit overwhelming. Especially the plant-fiber and synthetics room. I can't seem to find yarns in that room that I like, and it takes me a few go-rounds to find what I'm looking for in either room.

I bought two skeins of some Noro Chirimen, which only has 16% wool. I get the love for the fun colors, but the yarn just doesn't do it for me like it does for the Noro cult. This hat shows off the striping perfectly. I should have used smaller needles, though. The hat is a bit more slouchy than the pattern. Paired with the yarn, I think it will be a nice springtime hat for someone.

Today I started on Windscheif.

I'd like to start on a sweater. There are about five that I can't decide among. Of course, now that the weather is cold, I don't have the right yarn for any of these sweaters. I focused on increasing my cotton DK-weight stash this fall, but now I'm without a sweater's worth of yarn in any animal fiber. Sigh.


aimee said...

i think the cables look great even tho you hi the part that is supposedly messed up. i also think it's okay to spend some parts of your life not being contemplative. it just comes and goes. just like how the river out here sometimes flows the wrong way. not wrong, just unexpected.

Carrie#K said...

Those mittens are fabulous. Want. Want a sweater out of that cabled hat too. Nice hats! I've been way too contemplative (read: crazed/wallowing).

Quit reminding me you were out here AND DIDN'T SEE ME. :)

TK said...

My Free Will Astrology Horoscope says this for the week:
"It would be a fine time to do some intensive soul-carving. Soul-scouring, too, would be both fun and wise, as well as soul-etching and soul-emblazoning and soul-accessorizing."