Saturday, December 01, 2012


I have quite the stack of hats and cowls and mitts with no home.  I'm thinking about finding a charity for the hats.  Then I know that they will be going to a good home.  The rest of the stuff, well, I guess I'll just keep piling up the stack.


Lots of 1x1 Ribbing Hat for Brian
The sweater for April is finished.  I think it's a bit on the small side, but she looks good in it.  She looks good in most things, really.  I did not take photos of the sweater yet, though, so that will come later.

I was trying to think of a topic for this post, but I just feel like I'm whining a lot lately.  I can't find a job, even a retail job, so I'm getting stressed.  I had a terrible nightmare the other night about someone (who looked like Jack Nicholson in The Shining) threatening to shoot me.  I called 911, dropped to floor and started shouting the address, which was my Nana's address (now my cousin's).  I guess it's because that was the first address I had to memorize, since I went to Kindergarten at the school on her block.

I thought this post was going to be about all the cowls I've been knitting lately, but the truth is, I seem to be knitting a lot of hats.  The majority of the projects on my Ravelry page are hats, followed by things for babies (clothes and toys).  Cowls come in third.  When I'm searching for a pattern, I tend to save a lot of cowls.  I like the simplicity of the shape, I think.  A tube has great potential for all kinds of design details like cables and lace and colorwork.

Pretty Thing Cowl

Once I finish my current project (a pair of Foliage Mitts to use up some yarn), I think I need to knit another baby something for my favorite new guy.  It's been fun knitting for babies again.  Older kids are harder to knit for, for sure.  I do have a tunic in the queue to make for Renée, but I can't seem to pick up the needles. 

Left Handed Foliage

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aimee said...

I can join you w/the freaking out about jobs thing but I'd rather tell you that everyone loves the yellow mitts that you made that I wear all the time because of stupid touch phones (meaning, it could be cold enough for gloves, but impossible to use my phone with them!). Someone during my D.C. trip said that they looked very lovingly made! I will wear them until it's too cold to continue.