Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Need to Digitize

Because I needed to sign up to comment here , I figured, why not start posting, too. There will be few postings during the first few months. I have to get some technology to really get the hang of this (like a digital camera). For now, I'm just signed up.

I plan on writing about knitting and not much else (what else is there?), when I do start writing. I'm currently working on some mittens, a baby blanket, some "structured" knitting for my LYS, and three or four other UFOs.


jennifer said...

Well then, welcome. I think you can get disposable digital cameras. They are probably lame though. Will it be a bummer if I switch my blog to allow anonymous comments? I see that you did not.

aimee said...

yay!!! welcome to the whim of blogging!

ps to jen: allowing anonymous comments is fine as long as you have the word verification thing to keep crazy spammers out. it's a nice way to let people who don't want to set up a blogger account to be part of yr blog world.