Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So Easily Distracted

Inspired by Aimee, I bought these shoes. We were going to dinner, but Aimee wanted to stop in Niche first. Doesn't she know I'm a sucker? I was ten minutes late meeting her; I guess she had ten minutes too many waiting in front of the store. Given that they were having their 5 cent sale and Aimee was spending way more money than me, I also bought a second, funky pair (to be worn only with pants).

So much for knitting.


aimee said...

hahaaa!!! it was SUCH a relief to wake up this morning, try on my shoes, be worried about the red pair (too small...they ripped the leather a little on stretching it - it was the 2nd drink i shouldn't have had), and then read your comment!!! ah. it made me calm down some (and you know how i need calming). truly, i felt like i had gone on a drinking binge and am only now seeing clearly. the seeing clearly part being: i should have definitely gotten the black pair, but a different 2nd pair, but that it will still be okay b/c they're great shoes.

you're the BEST cheerleader ever!!! truly.

TK said...

You should take that pair back. If they ripped it, then you should at least try to get a new pair. Which would you get? The moccasin boots? The black boots?