Saturday, March 25, 2006

Knitting in the Sun

Soon I'll be in Florida, knitting in the sunshine on the beach. After swimming in the ocean. Ah. Sounds so good.

First, though, an update. Last Saturday I was here with the socks:
Now I have only about two inches before the short-row toe and completion. Perfect plane knitting, I think. Once they are done, I'll sew together the cat pieces (the number one reason I stopped knitting toys).
I'm taking Aunt Chris's pillow back with me, too. I have another four inches of that. I'm forcing myself to finish it; I figure taking a limited number of projects to Florida will encourage knitting on the pillow back. I'm also taking some yummy Louisa Harding yarn for some fingerless gloves. Those are for a present for one of Dan's friends. I am planning a post about why I want to knit for new acquaintances. I've got to get to the airport now, so pontification will come in a few days. See you Wednesday!

1 comment:

aimee said...

what?? florida?? i can't ever keep track of you.

but was going to ask if we can go to this persian restaurant next month if your/my schedules allow, on a fri or sat night (that's when my gf works there)...i'll talk to you in a couple of weeks!