Saturday, April 29, 2006


I have been knitting long enough to know to do a gauge swatch before launching into a new project. So what do I do? Totally disregard that good practice and launch into Dan's socks. Oh, and they are going so fast.

My gauge is off. I thought I was knitting at nine stitches per inch. No. I'm knitting at eight stitches per inch. Eight! So 88 stitches is eight stitches too many for the socks I'm making. Which translates to an entire inch. Now, Dan's foot has a pretty wide circumfrence, but not 11 inches big. Now I have to frog the sock. I was just about to do the toe. I have been working on this for DAYS.

I guess this means these socks will go even faster, since I'll be working eight less stitches each round.


Lynn said...

oh no! you're kidding. that sucks. i feel for you! i'm about ready for my green stripes on the baby sweater :)

Emma said...

Ack! Sorry to hear that. Hang in there!

ilikeredbean said...

they look good! i hope he loves them! (did you get your COWL pictures? if not i'll email them separately!). see you at knitting in 2 weeks, will be in nyc this week!