Friday, July 21, 2006


I should have been a copy editor. I have this knack for catching errors in publications. My eye just darts right to the misspelled word or misplaced apostrophe. Sometimes, it can be irritating. I've stopped reading books that weren't properly edited. Please, please, please let me know if I ever misspell a word or use improper grammar. I would die of embarrassment if it went unchecked.

Now I am thinking that perhaps I should be a copy editor/pattern reader for knitting patterns. I was trying to use the 1x1 woven diamond rib pattern from Epstein's Knitting on the Edge. Well. The even-numbered rows are written backwards, which actually helps since I was going to rewrite the pattern to work in the round. I tried checking for corrections, but there are none for that pattern. So I searched for Epstein and the name of the stitch pattern. Seems that the pattern is also in Epstein's Knitted Embellishments. The backwards rows don't seem to be a problem in that version, but at least I know what happens after the fourth row. It's also charted.

I've mentioned before that it bugs me when designers use the same patterns in different publications. I understand that there are so many stitch patterns and that two books of stitch patterns will probably share some patterns. But come ON! If you are writing a book of only stitch patterns, and stitch patterns that are used as edgings or embellishments (which can be the same thing), please try to avoid using the same pattern twice.

Maybe I should write stitch pattern books.

The even-numbered rows are written backwards in Knitted Embellishments. My guess is that Epstein made the chart, and then wrote the pattern row by row. She must have read the pattern right to left on each row, rather than left to right on the even number rows and right to left only on the odd numbered rows.

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Lynn said...

Ok, that kind of sounds like a bad snafu, and one that a knitter/author shouldn't be making. And, one would think that test knitters would have seen it initially, and/or an editor familiar with knitting (which should be the case for a knitting book!). Oy! FYI, I did get my bike tires pumped up to the correct PSI. yay!