Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One Strand of Yarn

I don't have much progress to report. I have all the pieces of the baby kimono done tonight. I like the Cashcotton DK, but it has all these stray hairs (the angora?) that get all over my clothes. I'll tell more about it when the sweater is all seamed up.

In the meanwhile, I want to proclaim that I LOVE to teach knitting. I had a great student last night; she's taking private lessons with me at The Needleshop. She was serious, but she was excited and I could tell that she will stick with it. I have gotten to know a few people that I've taught over the last year and a half. I was going to say it makes me proud, but it isn't really that. I feel like, at least with the three or four I've spent time with post-class, that we have an instant connection. Sure, there are people I've taught that I don't want to spend time with, but the ones I like, and who are becoming friends, are special. It's really amazing to teach someone something that you love. It's creating a lineage. Like one long strand of yarn connecting you with the person who taught you and with the people you've taught. I should start a family tree of sorts.


supertoki said...

you are a great teacher!!! glad you are teaching others!!

TK said...

When I have good, enthusiastic students, it's a piece of cake. Are you back in Chicago now?