Thursday, July 13, 2006

I forgot to take pictures of the washcloths I made as housewarming gifts for a friend. I also flaked out on the party (there was ice cream and everything!), so I spent all of last weekend feeling guilty. But the washcloths are nice. The hemp wrecked my hands after furiously knitting with it for four hours or so--I wanted to finish so I could take them to the party. Of course, I didn't stop knitting that day. I worked on the second half of the baby blanket, found a mistake, and ripped out about three inches. I haven't gotten back to it. It's been a bit too humid to work with a wool blend.

I've started the baby kimono. This is my first self-designed garment.

Jen had her baby, and I spoke with her (Jen, not the baby) today. She sounded great and happy, and it sounds like Renée Allison is doing well. She is sleeping and eating and Jen says she has lots of hair, just like Joseph did.

Back to the kimono. I've gone with the Cashcotton, since it is simply the softest. I'm beginning with the front. I spent last night decreasing for the overlapping side. Then I realized that I had too many stitches for that side. I planned on making it a bit thinner than the underlapping side. So I ripped back. I then did the math for both fronts. I even got up and created a grid to highlight the decreases and to check my work. By the time I was finished, it was after midnight.

This isn't the first time I've stayed up knitting past the point of too-tired. But it is the first time I've stayed up to do math. Just goes to show how important Jen is to me.

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Anonymous said...

The washcloths are indeed excellent. They are of such great quality and come from such obvious care that I (the recipient) can only hope the joy they give me & mine alleviates the guilt of TK (the giver). My appreciation will soon be expressed in the form of a Thank You card, but I felt it important to share with the community at large.