Friday, July 07, 2006

Rules were Made to be Broken

Oh, have they been broken. It started with a last-minute gift for a housewarming present. I ran into Nina for some All Hemp 6 to make some quick handtowels or washcloths (washcloths it is-- I'm a busy girl). I bought three colors. Then I found out about a sale at Loopy that is offering 40% on some of their summer stock. Who can resist a sale? I bought too much, of course: Hempathy in sage, Cashcotton DK (which I just realized was not on sale. Shoot) in hessian, and a Euroflax Originals in charcoal (which I knew wasn't on sale, but I wanted to be sure I have enough for the nightie).

It was a toss up between the Hempathy and Cashcotton for a kimono sweater I want to make for the new baby (arriving on Monday!), so I got both of course. I figured they were both on sale so no problem. My decision would have been easier had I known the Cashcotton wasn't on sale. Shoot. Again. I guess I could take it back. But, really, I'd have only saved $8.75. Wait, that's the price of one ball. Shoot. I'd been eyeing the color for a while, so it's justified right?

Back to the All Hemp. I've only got one and a half washcloths done and I'd like to have three. There's only 18 more hours to the party. I'll have an incredibly long bus ride to finish the third, though, so I think I'll make it. It's just like me to be weaving in ends during the party.

Sunday I'll be back on the baby blanket, which will fulfill my rules. I've just had a couple exceptions, that's all. Oh, and I gave away the rest of my red Lamb's Pride at a knitting party I was teaching, so that part of the rule has been foiled anyway.

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