Sunday, July 02, 2006


Not to worry: I'm still following the rules. I have started on the baby blanket. I love the subtle colors in this yarn (it's more yellow than in the picture). The yarn is nice, (Brooks Farm Four Play from the Widows and Orphans section), but not as luxurious as Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb. The Four Play is somewhat wooly feeling. The combination is the same at 50% wool 50% silk, but I think the Lion and Lamb has a silkier feel. This is cushier, though. It is definitely a spongier yarn, which I like. My favorite yarns all have a spongy feel when they are knit up.

I've settled on a pattern, too. I'm going to use the Hearts pattern in Knitting on the Edge as a border along the bottom, top, and sides. The heart is done in stockinette on reverse stockinette, so I think I'll do a plain stockinette square in the center. I was going to do an eyelet pattern, but it seemed too busy once I started knitting. I am planning on knitting the blanket in two parts so the hearts face down from the middle. I will graft the two halves together when I'm done. I have two full skeins of the yarn and another 80 yards to boot. I'm simply going to knit one half with one ball and the other half with the second ball. I'll use the remaining ball to graft it together and maybe make a small pillow to go with the blanket.

Before I started on this project, I made a Burp Cloth from Mason Dixon Knitting. The yarn is Twisted, by Suss Yarns, in Chocolate and Nude (pink). It was really cute in the skein, but knitted up, just okay. It's two cotton yarns "twisted" together. My plies did not stay twisted, so it was like knitting with two yarns from the same ball.

I don't know why I keep avoiding the projects on my list. I could have made the burp cloth longer, but I had that Eureka! moment for the blanket and wanted to get started. I'd been avoiding it so long, I figured if I didn't start then, I wouldn't start at all. Especially now that I want to make this hat.

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