Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Just a quick post, so I can flaunt all my beautiful things from my birthday swap pal. Two skeins of Wool in the Woods Cherub:

It's beautiful! I want to work with it right now. Oooh, I can wind it at least!

I also got two skeins of sock yarn. She may bring out my inner knitter yet. Sockotta in a nice green with some blues, and Opal sock yarn in what I'm assuming is a fair isle style pattern. We'll see when I knit it up.

Included in the package were some lovely stitch markers. They remind me of tension rings used for piercings, which delights me. I can't wait to use them on the shawl that I will (I will!) start tomorrow.

Finally, there was a pad of paper and a pad of sticky notes in a fun pattern. I was just thinking I needed some sticky notes by the computer. She must have read my mind.

Thanks, Carie. My package was beautiful. It was great to come home from my vacation to a box full of yarn.

I'll post pictures and details about my trip, with knitting news, tomorrow.


Carrie K said...

Oh, gorgeous! I like those stitchmarkers too. My beautiful beaded jeweled ones snag.

I think someone else has claimed the post its.

TK said...

Everything is his, of course. If it can be sat upon, he'll sit on it.