Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ups and Downs

There's very little knitting in this post, but there are a few pictures.

Today is Jen's birthday. We've been friends for 20 years. No one knows me like Jen. When she had her first baby, I was as happy as if it had been my sister's. Now that she's had another, I feel like my family has gotten bigger by another little one. It's incredible to me to think that I've wished her a happy birthday for at least 19 years (I don't remember what month we really became friends, but I know it was after the car accident where I broke the car's window with my 12-year-old head. That was summer, so I may have wished her a happy birthday that year, too).

My brother was only 6 months old the August I turned 12. He is 20 now and shipping off to Iraq. He called me from North Carolina just as I was heading to the el. I'm so glad I left work a little late today. I did feel a little embarrassed for crying in the train station, but he's my little brother and worth a bit of embarrassment. [That's my Papa in the background.]

Today is my other brother's birthday. I was wishing him a happy birthday when Andrew called so I had to let Stef get to his birthday dinner (including ice-cream cake with mint-chocolate-chip ice cream and chocolate cake--my favorite. I'm so jealous) to talk to Andrew. We're all in this picture at Andrew's graduation from basic training. Of course, I have my frog-face on for the photo.

Three years ago today my mother passed away (it was Stef's 21st birthday). I've been missing her lately. I really wanted to tell her about the festival. Funny how your parents' pride is so different from any one else's, and how their support is more important, even when you're an adult.

Dan's in town, though, and I'm excited to see him. (If you're in the Chicago area, the Baldwin Brothers are playing at the Double Door and you should go see them. They are so good.)

So you see, today has been a bit up and down.

I got my lace yarn yesterday only to realize I don't have any size 4 circular needles. I'll pick some up tomorrow, I think. I spent last night winding 1260 yards into a center-pull ball. It took about 2 1/2 hours. I had sore thumbs.

I've been doing little projects just to fill the time until I got the yarn. I'm trying to think of something I make to send to Andrew, and I want to make a toy for Renée. Stefan wants a sweater that I should start on. I still want to make a summer hat before summer is over. I need yarn for those projects. I'm projectless and feel antsy. Well, I don't have anything I want to work on. There's a difference.

This weekend is Stitches Midwest. I may have to go alone, but I have to go because I'm planning on shopping for my birthday pal there. Who knows what fun things I may find. I'd better take a list, only cash, and a big bag. I should also leave my debit card at home.


aimee said...

oh, tam! this is such a beautiful post. i can't believe you got some knitting in there at the end. that was so not necessary. it's sooo fine to have cried on the train; you seem to be handling it a lot better than i would, or how i'd think anyone could.

it's so true about parental affirmation. sooo true. i wanted to call you yesterday but PASSED OUT next to mom around 8:30 or 9pm. things at home have been really good so far - amazing! thank you SO MUCH for taking care of me and my stuff...i feel super lucky to have you as a friend. hopefully in 19 years or so, you can post on your blog about us being friends for 20 years.

TK said...

Aimee, I'm going to miss you when you leave for Nebraska. Maybe having your stuff in my basement will make you feel closer. I hope that in 19 years that we are still friends. I think, though, we only have 18 to go.

aimee said...

oooh, but i'll be back so soon! it's only like how i was away in ox-bow, only about three times as long. and at least i'll have regular internet access. and i can't keep track of when i first started working w/you, which is why my years are off. i think we can handle 18 more years, when i'm still paying off my loans and you have ten books out on knitting. heehee.

and don't worry - when i come back from NE, your place will be the first stop i make!