Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nothing to Show

Knitting has been constant, but there's no progress to show. I was away over the long weekend visiting Jen and family. Joseph and I are pals, and it was hard to leave him. He snuggled with me after his nap, which made it even harder to leave. I'm home now, and sick-ish (Jen, I don't think it was Joseph, I think I started getting it on Saturday before I got there). I slept all afternoon, so I'm just starting knitting now. Which brings me to my topic.

I am not a lace knitter. I have two and a half repeats done on the Print o' the Waves stole. It takes so much concentration that for every row I knit, I have to rip two. I'm not the kind of knitter who just wants to knit rows and rows of stockinette--though you wouldn't believe it looking at the sweater I'm working on--but I'm finding that too much concentration and I get frustrated. I like a project that I can take anywhere. I like to stuff it in my bag and carry it around, even if I don't work on it; it's like a safety blanket. I can't do that with lace like this. I would rather have a pattern I have to look at and follow, but not one that I can so easily mess up. A 16 stitch repeat shouldn't be that hard, but I can't seem to get it. Give me cables any day.


aimee said...

well, either it will take a bunch of time and frustration, or you'll just realize it's not for you and won't do it anymore.

hope you're feeling better!

Carrie K said...

I've done some lace patterns that weren't all that easy and I managed to make them with no (okay, few) mistakes, but I've been carrying around the lacy prairie shawl from Cheryl Oberle and I can't do three rows without ripping back one. It's an easy pattern!

But it's pretty and I WILL knit it. Eventually. But yeah, I usually bring something a little more mindless for my "snatched moment knitting".

Hope you feel better!

TK said...

I might tackle another repeat this weekend. There are 12 rows and only 80 stitches. You'd think I could do this no problem. It's even purled across the back.

I hear you on the button holes, too. There has to be a better way.

Lynn said...

ah! i wish i could see what it looks like so far. i had forgotten you were starting your first lace. i have done NO knitting for 2+ weeks. so sad. one more week and then i think i'll have time. hang in there with the lace! :)